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Adaptations of macroinvertebrates

Full Day
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Animals and plants have certain features and behaviors that help them to survive in their environment. These are called adaptations. These can either be structural or behavioral. Structural adaptations are physical features of an organism like the bill on a bird or the fur on a bear. Other adaptations are behavioral. Behavioral adaptations are the things organisms do to survive. For example, bird calls and migration are behavioral adaptations.

Prior Knowledge

No prior knowledge necessary. This is a stand alone program or can be done as a pre or post visit.


Adaptations for Survival: Year 5 and 6

Learning Intentions

In this program students will:

  • Identify different macroinvertebrate adaptations as either structural or behavioral.


Students will:

  • Observe freshwater macroinvertebrates
  • Use the macroinvertebrate id tool to identify the animals
  • Choose an adaptation the animal has and decide if it is structural or behavioral.

Victorian Curriculum

  • Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment (VCSSU074)
  • The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their environment (VCSSU075).