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Create a nature documentary

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Wetlands support a range of biodiversity including frogs, birds, invertebrates, reptiles and mammals in addition to a range of aquatic plant species. Ecolinc’s stormwater wetland was constructed from 2003-2004. Dependent on rainfall, it regularly fills and dries out, however an increasing range of species continues to be supported. In 2007, the endangered Growling Grass Frog was found in the Ecolinc wetland and has continued to be heard each year since then. In 2011, a pair of Buff-banded Rails moved into the wetland. These examples illustrate how created wetlands can promote and encourage biodiversity.
Use of mobile technologies allows students to easily find information, complete online biodiversity surveys and record images and movies when they are out in the field. This program incorporates the use of a range of technologies in an investigation of the biodiversity of the Ecolinc wetland.

Note: Maximum number of students for this program is 25 per day

Key Learning Question

How do we effectively communicate scientific concepts such as animal adaptations through video?

Learning Intentions

In this activity students will:

  • Demonstrate their understanding of wetland biodiversity and animal adaptations through the development of a short documentary
  • Understand the basic features of creating a documentary
  • Learn about the basic features of using iMovie.


Students will:

  • Use laptop computers and make observations of Ecolinc animals to study adaptations
  • Use iPads to create a short documentary movie using iMovie.

Victorian Curriculum

  • Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment (VCSSU074)
  • The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical conditions of their environment (VCSSU075)
  • Communicate ideas and processes using evidence to develop explanations of events and phenomena and to identify simple cause-and-effect relationships (VCSIS088)


Ecolinc offers the following outreach option: