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Discovering wetlands

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‘Discovering wetlands’ is an online outreach program designed for students in Years 5 to 7. It explores the importance of wetland environments, including the plants and animals that inhabit them, the threat they are under and the importance of protecting these threatened ecosystems.

Students will explore a range of online resources. These can be accessed individually within the Resources section of the Discovering wetlands website, or through the Student navigator, which presents online activities and also contextualises them with a range of offline classroom investigations.

The Teacher navigator offers professional learning ideas to support teachers in presenting this rich material to students. In particular, the navigator:

  • Presents background information on the science content
  • Introduces the key questions related to each challenge
  • Presents higher order questions to support student engagement
  • Includes practical hints for each challenge
  • Offers guidance on how aspects of tasks may be used for assessment.


In this program students will:

  • Investigate the plants and animals which live in wetlands.
  • Identify macroinvertebrates using an online ID tool.
  • Explore a virtual wetland.
  • Assess wetland management techniques.
  • Investigate seasonal changes of wetlands.
  • Hear and view a panel of experts discussing various aspects of wetland management.
  • Assess their knowledge via an interactive quiz.


This online program has been designed for students in Years 5 to 7 however may be useful for students in other year levels. The following program resources are available:

  • Student navigator, which packages all student resources together and provides additional activities and materials to complement the online activities
  • Teacher navigator, which contains professional learning resources that assist teachers to present the outreach program to students
  • Range of individual online resources.


  1. Talk with the experts.
  2. Virtual wetland tour.
  3. Macroinvertebrate ID tool.
  4. Wetlands through the seasons.
  5. Managing wetland ecosystems.
  6. Interactive quiz.


  • Students can interpret their results by completing the online activities provided including the interactive quiz.
  • Online resources provide a strong basis for debate on wetland management related issues.
  • Students can apply their understanding of wetlands and wetland species to the consideration of environmental issues significant to themselves and the community.

Online resource:

Discovering wetlands