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Wild weather

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Wild weather can be unpredictable and can affect all living things, including humans, on a daily basis. Whilst animals and plants have adaptations to withstand wild weather, humans use clothing and other resources to manage the impact of severe weather phenomena.

Meteorologists use weather instruments to interpret weather patterns and to predict wild weather events including floods, thunderstorms, heat waves, bushfires, hurricanes, etc. Data has shown that this extreme weather is becoming more frequent due to our changing climate.


Maximum number of students for this program is 75 per day.

Key Learning Question

How is weather measured and how do humans, animals and plants survive extreme weather?

Learning Intentions

In this program students will:

  • Explore how meteorologists measure the weather
  • Learn how we keep ourselves comfortable in different weather conditions
  • Identify how plants and animals adapt to extreme weather conditions to survive


Students will:

  • Learn how the weather is measured and construct a weather instrument
  • Conduct experiments to determine the suitability of different design choices in clothing
  • Introduce the local indigenous seasons, make observations of the extreme weather events seen in each season and the effects on key animal and plant species
  • Learn how plants and their seeds survive extreme weather events and how some seeds need these events to germinate, and prepare and plant these seeds in the nursery by mimicking these events

Victorian Curriculum

Science – Biological science

  • Different living things have different life cycles and depend on each other and the environment to survive (VCSSU058)

Geography – Diversity and significance of places and environments

  • Main climates of the world and the similarities and differences between the climates of different places (VCGGK081)

History – First contacts

  • The diversity and longevity of Australia’s first peoples and the significant ways Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are connected to Country and Place (land, sea, waterways and skies) and the effects on their daily lives (VCHHK078)

Digital Technologies – Data and information

  • Recognise different types of data and explore how the same data can be represented in different ways (VCDTDI020)