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AoS 2: Moo-ving Toward a Greener Future - Dairy vs Plant-based Milk

Full Day
Book Program
Year Levels
Unit 2 — What affects Earth’s Capacity to Sustain Life?


A growing number of people are interested in switching to plant-based alternatives to dairy. But, are they any better for the environment and which one is best?

In this program, students will investigate how people make choices about which milk to drink. They will also look at the nutritional value of different milks as well as the impact each has on the environment.

Learning Intentions

In this program students will:

  • Compare the nutrition levels in different milks.
  • Explain the choices people make when buying milk.
  • Measure the calcium and protein levels of different milks.
  • Analyse the environmental effects in the production of various milks.
  • Rank and justify their milk choices.


Students will:

  • Taste various milk samples.
  • Operate the Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) and the Spectro Vis to analyse the calcium and protein contents of different milks.
  • Compare the carbon footprint, water usage and land clearing involved in the processing of different milks.

VCE Links

  • Compare the advantages and limitations of different agricultural systems for achieving regional and global food security.
  • Evaluate the use of ecological footprint analysis for assessing future food and/or water security
  • Recommend and justify a range of options for improving food and/or water security for a nominated region