Ecolinc 2021 Bookings

9 September 2020

We are delighted to announce that bookings for 2021 onsite, outreach and special programs are now open.  Our website has a comprehensive list and detailed information of all of our existing, new and updated onsite, outreach and special programs.  Booking requests must be completed using the online booking form available on our website from Monday 5th October.

 Please note that over the past couple of years we have been inundated with booking requests, so get in quickly to secure your booking.  Also, please note that it will take us a few weeks to process all booking requests.

While we need you to use this form to provide us with all the required information, you are still welcome to ring if you have any questions about the programs.
In the ‘Additional Information’ box, please indicate other possible dates/time frames that you would like us to consider should your requested date be unavailable.
Given the anticipated demand for Ecolinc programs in 2021, we will attempt to provide fairness and equity to all through implementing the following:
  • For P-10 students: Limiting each year level/class within a school to 1 program per year.
  • Responding to booking enquires in priority order according to the date of receipt of the online booking request.
  • Ensuring that we meet set quotas set by the DET for:
    • I.   Government and Non-Government
    • II.  Primary and Secondary
    • III. Rural, Metro-Disadvantaged and Standard Rate Schools.
Specific Program Booking Details:
  • Digging up the Diprotodon Yr 3-4: Given the significant work required to set up and pack up this program, we have had to create a block of time when this program can only be booked.  Bookings will need to be made for a day in either of the following weeks: Mon 22nd – Fri 26th  March or Mon 22nd  – Fri 26th November.
  • The Aark program is offered on Wednesday 5th May 2021 and Monday 16th August 2021
  • Space Junk is offered on Monday 7th June 2021 and Monday 15th November 2021
  • Programs with a Serendip or Mount Rothwell field trip component have different starting/finishing times.  Please refer to the Ecolinc website for more details.
  • Unit 4 Chemistry, AoS 1 will run from 9.30am – 2pm.
  • Some programs have a maximum student capacity.  Please refer to the specific program details on the Ecolinc website.
  • Some special programs are only offered on certain dates in 2021.  Please refer to the specific program details on the Ecolinc website for more information.