Emerging STEM for Women Program – Monday 16th October.

18 September 2017

90 Year 9 & 10 students from schools across the state are booked into the Ecolinc Emerging STEM for Women program on the 16th October. The featured keynotes for this event include:

Helen McCracken BVSc, BSC(Vet), MVS; Senior Veterinarian, Melbourne Zoo

Helen decided in Year 10 that she wanted to become a wildlife veterinarian after seeing a documentary about the first orang utan rescue centre in Sumatra. She had spent her childhood collecting animal teeth and skulls, climbing trees and exploring the bush, and thought it would be an exciting and adventurous career!  She studied veterinary science (BVSc) at Sydney University and took the opportunity along the way to do an additional science degree in zoology, the BSc(Vet). This gave her the opportunity to go to Alice Springs to undertake a one year research project on reproduction in the Bilby (Rabbit-eared Bandicoot). Helen graduated as a vet in 1985 and first worked in private practice. She was then successful in getting the first Veterinary Internship position offered at Melbourne Zoo and started there in 1986. The internship involved studying for a Masters of Veterinary Studies degree (MVS) and Helen chose to do a research project investigating why the mortality rate of reptiles at Melbourne Zoo had recently increased. After finishing the 2 year internship, she stayed on at the zoo and became Senior Veterinarian of Melbourne Zoo in 1992.  Helen moved into a house in the zoo grounds and has continued to care for the zoo animals ever since.

Aimee Haywood; Planning Manager, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning.

Aimee attended the National Youth Science Forum whilst in High School and this helped her to cement the direction she took at University.  Aimee started in Environmental Engineering, a predominately male dominated university course then studied Environmental Biology and Conservation Management which led her to work in the fire and emergency industry.  Aimee is currently the only female Regional Agency Commander with the Barwon South West Region and received the National Emergency Medal for work in the 2009 Victorian bushfires.