National Environment Education Week: Bookings for new 'Endangered Animals' program Term 3 & 4

20 April 2016

Attention teachers of Year 9 & 10 – if you would like your students to participate in a unique learning experience where your students can make a real difference in the conservation of endangered animals, then you should investigate our ‘Endangered Animals’ program that is offered in Term 3 & 4 only.   Students will visit Mount Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre where a number of threatened and critically endangered animals such as the rufous bettong, eastern barred bandicoot, eastern and spotted quolls and many others are protected and thriving in their natural habitat.  Students will engage in ‘hands on’ management and conservation activities that help to protect their environment and learn how these animals are being monitored, how and why the breeding program is so successful, and the innovative ways Mount Rothwell is looking after these species.  There are limited places left for this year, so get in quick.