New 2013 Ecolinc curriculum programs

24 May 2012

Ecolinc has developed six new onsite programs and a ‘Watching the weather’ online program, providing student and teacher resources and activities that can be used in conjunction with the online Ecolinc Weather Wall. New onsite programs include ‘Investigating biodiversity in the wetland’ (Years 5-8), ‘Nanotechnology’ (Years 9 & 10) and new VCE units Environmental Science Unit 1 AoS 1 & 2, Chemistry Unit 1 AoS 2 and Biology Unit 4 AoS 2. All Ecolinc P-10 programs are now mapped to the Australian Curriculum. Plan your courses in advance using Ecolinc’s new website mapping tool.

Ecolinc now offers free offsite outreach programs for eligible rural/high SFO government primary/lower secondary classes. Designed to complement Ecolinc onsite programs, offsite outreach programs are developed as pre or post activities in conjunction with the participating school, however can be designed as stand alone programs. An Ecolinc outreach education officer will deliver the program in your school providing all equipment and resources. To book an Ecolinc offsite outreach program contact Ecolinc for more information.

Online programs:

Watching the weather

Ecolinc Weather Wall

Onsite programs:

Investigating biodiversity in the wetland


VCE units:

Environmental Science Unit 1 AoS 1 The Environment

Ecological components and interaction

Environmental Science Unit 1 AoS 2 The Environment

Environmental change

Chemistry Unit 1 AoS 2 The big ideas of chemistry (Part 1)

Materials - Exploring models of bonding

Chemistry Unit 1 AoS 2 The big ideas of chemistry (Part 2)

Materials - The role of surfaces in application of nanotechnology

Biology Unit 4 AoS 2 Continuity and change

Change over time