Palaeontologist Partnerships

21 February 2018

Palaeontologists Pat and Tom Rich have kindly agreed to share their expertise with Ecolinc in highlighting significant Bacchus Marsh Megafauna fossil finds. Pat is a resident Palaeontologist at Monash University and Swinburne Institute of Technology.
Ecolinc's "Digging up the Diprotodon" program has been a popular choice for teachers and students in the past and we will continue to celebrate and incorporate the local discovery of Diprotodon fossils in the Hine's Claypit in 1973 into this program.  However, 2018 will see a refreshed course enabling a more hands-on Palaeontology experience for students.  So put on your hat, grab your tool belt, and join our dig to discover and identify your own megafauna bones!