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The Aark

Full Day
Book Program
Year Levels


This is a scenario based program.

Climate change has suddenly kicked in. A cataclysmic climate event has occurred; massive floods are predicted and sea levels are rising.

A huge scale evacuation of the human population has taken place but in the rush to save the people, all animals have been left behind. The State Government has put together a rescue plan called ‘The Aark’. However not all animals can be rescued. There is only so much room on the Aark, so the Government has called in the experts (the students) to help them decide which animals are going to be saved.

Prior Knowledge

Students will be given an animal that they will need to research prior to their onsite visit. They will be the expert for that species and have to advocate for that species on the day ie. Why it should be saved.

Students will be given an Aark game card that they will be required to fill in with details about their animal and bring this with them on the day.

The students will, throughout the day, have to argue the case why their animal should go onto the Aark, so it is important that they know some information about their species, why it is important and why it should be saved.

Key Learning Question

How do we make decisions on which animals to save in the event of a cataclysmic climate event?

Learning Intentions

In this program students will:

  • Research a particular species of animal
  • Learn how to advocate for this species by making a presentation, preparing arguments and engaging in discussions
  • Learn about a range of other animals including mammals, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and birds and their importance to society, in the food web and for our future
  • Participate in either a ‘Birds of Prey’, ‘Pond Life’ or ‘Endangered Animals Amazing Race’ workshop
  • Build negotiation and decision making skills.


Students will:

  • Be introduced to the scenario program, information about climate change and the criteria governments use to rescue species from extinction
  • Engage in a series of selection sessions to determine which animals will be selected to go on the Aark
  • Participate in either a ‘Birds of Prey’, ‘Pond Life’ or ‘Endangered Animals Amazing Race’ workshop.

The program:

8.45am Registration
9.00am Welcome, Introduction & Keynote 1
10.00am Stage 1 Elimination
10.30am Morning Tea (Students BYO)
11.00am Keynote 2
11.30am Stage 2 Elimination
12.00pm Workshops (Amazing Race, Pond Life & Birds of Prey)
1.00pm Lunch (Students BYO)
1.30pm Prepare Presentations
2.00pm Stage 3 Elimination
2.30pm Noah’s decision, wrap up & debrief.
3.00pm Finish


  • This program runs from 9am – 3pm
  • Maximum number for students is 75 per day.  Maximum of 25 students per school.
  • In 2022, this program runs on
    • Monday 15th August 2022

Victorian Curriculum

  • Scientific knowledge and understanding of the world changes as new evidence becomes available; science knowledge can develop through collaboration and connecting ideas across the disciplines and practice of science (VCSSU089)
  • Science and technology contribute to finding solutions to a range of contemporary issues; these solutions may impact on other areas of society and involve ethical considerations (VCSSU090)
  • There are differences within and between groups of organisms; classification helps organise this diversity (VCSSU091)
  • Interactions between organisms can be described in terms of food chains and food webs and can be affected by human activity (VCSSU093).